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  • Miralto A.; Barone G.; Romano G.; Poulet S. A.; Ianora A.; Russo G. L.; Buttino I.; Mazzarella G.; Laabir M.; Cabrini M.; Giacobbe M. G. (Macmillian Magazines Ltd., 1999-11-01)
    The productive regions of the ocean are characterized by seasonal blooms of phytoplankton which are generally dominated by diatoms. This algal class has, therefore, traditionally been regarded as providing the bulk of the ...
  • Poulet S. A.; Ianora A.; Laabir M.; Breteler W. C. M. Klein (Oxford University Press, 1995-06-01)
    There is at present no routine method for measuring zooplankton secondary production in the ocean. Such a method is required, however, if we are to be able to estimate the potential productivity of marine ecosystems and ...