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  • SEBASTIAN (Oxford University Press, 1880-06-01)
  • WARREN C. F. S. (Oxford University Press, 1879-03-01)
  • LEAN VINCENT S. (Oxford University Press, 1880-10-01)
  • W. CHR. (Oxford University Press, 1880-07-01)
  • Неизвестный автор (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1996-5-10)
  • Sosa Siari S. (Cambridge University Press. New York, USA, 2001-01-01)
  • Wen-Hui Ma; Ming-Sheng Zhang; Li Shun; Yang-Feng Chen; Nai-Ben Ming (1995-11-20)
    PbTiO3 ferroelectric thin films have been prepared on Si(001) by metal-organic chemical vapour deposition. The as-grown films were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy. ...
  • Неизвестный автор (Sage Publications, 1995)
    The remarkable story of the relationship between Ian ('James Bond') Fleming and Antony Terry of The Sunday Times has never previously been published. Cal McCrystal reflects on a book which discloses this extraordinary story ...
  • G. V. Oppen (1990-01-01)
    Level crossings of Stark substates with m = 0 differing in reflection parity are considered with respect to the detection of parity violation in atomic physics. An interesting example of a 0+-0- crossing occurs in the ...
  • Karra R.; Singh Y.P.; Rai A.K. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1989-10-01)
    Reactions of diphenylantimony chloride with the sodium salts of O,O-dialkyldithiophosphoric acids in 1: 1 molar ratio in benzene solution yield neutral complexes with the general formula (RO)2PS2SbPh2 (where R = CH3, C2H5, ...
  • MARK E. L. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1900-05-11)
  • Möller H.-J. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1981-04-01)
    The application of the Coincidence site lattice (CSL) model to the diamond cubic structure allows a purely geometric modelling of specific grain boundaries. Symmetric ⟨011⟩ CSL tilt boundaries with [Sgrave] ≤ 33 were ...
  • Makin M.J.; Hudson B. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1963-03-01)
    Analysis of the crystallography of the parallelogram-shaped loops observed by electron microscopy in quenched aluminium 1% magnesium reveals that these loops lie on {012} planes, and have sides along ⟨312⟩ directions. The ...
  • Ulbrich E.A. (Sage Publications, 1972-06-01)
  • Chilton J.A.; Garner G.M.; Whatmore R.W.; Ainger F.W. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1990-09-01)
    The sensitivity of 0-3 composites based on a modified lead titanate has been investigated. The effects of poling field, poling time and poling temperature will be shown. Based on these variations, optimum poling conditions ...
  • Shen Hongyuan; Zhou Yuping; Lin Wenxiong; Zeng Ruirong; Yu Guifang; Huang Chenghui; Zeng Zhengdong; Zhang Weijia; Jia Shouquan; Jiang Peizhi; Xiao Chaoliang (1991-04-01)
    Based on accurate values of refractive indices, the phase matching angles (m) and effective nonlinear coefficients (deff) for type I and II sum frequency mixing of 1.0795 and 1.3414 m radiations were calculated in KTP ...
  • Sauley Kerry S.; Bedeian Arthur G. (Sage Publications, 1989-06-01)
    After a brief review of the origins of the .05 criterion for judging statistical significance, this article challenges the management discipline's rigid adherence to conventional levels of significancefor differentiating ...
  • Inoue K.; Takai M.; IshibashI K.; Kawata Y.; Suzuki N.; Namba S. (Cambridge University Press. New York, USA, 1988--01)
    A nuclear microprobe-forming system for the microscopic RBS/PIXE measurement of micro devices has been developed and installed at the Research Center for Extreme Materials, Osaka University. The use of precision quadrupole ...
  • Likhachev Alexei J.; Warren Harbour S.; Slaga Thomas J. (Oxford University Press, 1992-07-01)
    The level of the DNA repair enzyme O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (MGMT) was examined in benign and malignant skin tumors induced with different initiating and promoting agents and from both SENCAR and Sensitive ...
  • CRAWFORD J. SELWYN (Oxford University Press, 1985)